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US DOE breaks ground for mega disposal units

14 juni 2019

Work has begun on two large-scale permanent storage units for decontaminated waste material at the US Department of Energy's Savannah River Site, where one of the so-called "mega units" is already in operation and another is under construction.

Bron: World Nuclear News
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US DOC sets out strategy for crucial commodities
The US Department of Commerce has set out 24 goals to safeguard US access to mineral commodities designated as critical to the nation's economic security. Uranium is one of the minerals on the critical list.
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As nuclear debate restarts, Germany calls for ‘real solutions’ on climate change
5 Jun (NucNet): German foreign minister Heiko Maas called yesterday for “real solutions” that would mitigate the security risks of climate change, including involving the UN’s Security Council more.
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Daya Bay counts its natural blessings
The vicinity of the Daya Bay nuclear power plant is home to more than 200 species, of which 15 are nationally protected, according to research by China General Nuclear and a collection of local environmental and volunteer groups.
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Aanpassingen regelgeving stralingsbescherming ter consultatie
Op 6 februari 2018 werd de veranderde regelgeving stralingsbescherming van kracht. Praktische en technische uitwerking van de regelgeving is beschreven in onderliggende regelgeving, waaronder de ANVS-verordening. Deze is nu op een aantal punten aangepast. Tot en met 2 juli is de gelegenheid gesteld
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Entergy blames financial factors for closure of pilgrim nuclear plant
4 Jun (NucNet): Entergy Corporation has said the decision to permanently shut down its Pilgrim-1 nuclear power plant in Massachusetts was a result of “a number of financial factors” including low wholesale energy prices.
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Zesde vergadering van de Belgisch-Luxemburgse Commissie Nucleaire Veiligheid en Stralingsbescherming
 De zesde vergadering van de Belgisch-Luxemburgse Commissie Nucleaire Veiligheid en Stralingsbescherming vond plaats in Luxemburg op 29 mei 2019.
Bron: FANC | 4 juni 2019
'Weg met klimaattaboes!'
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Bron: ANVS | 3 juni 2019
More nuclear is needed if world is to meet climate goals, says IEA
3 Jun (NucNet): At least a doubling of the annual rate of nuclear capacity additions is needed if the world is to meet its climate and sustainability goals, the International Energy Agency has said.
Bron: NucNet | 3 juni 2019
Wat er in Chernobyl gebeurt, is niet wat er in Tsjernobyl gebeurde
Dé serie van dit moment is Chernobyl, een miniserie over de kernramp in Tsjernobyl in 1986. Met een waarderingscijfer van 9,7 is het zelfs “de best gewaardeerde serie ooit”. Glamour noemt de productie met Emily Watson en Jared Harris (yep, van Mad Men) al een waardige opvolger voor de fans die Game
Bron: The Post Online | 2 juni 2019
Lightbridge fuel development gains DOE funding
Framatome has received a voucher through the US Department of Energy's Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear programme to support development of Lightbridge Fuel in collaboration with Idaho National Laboratory.
Bron: World Nuclear News | 30 mei 2019
Russia has improved Leningrad safety, but more time is needed, says IAEA
30 May (NucNet): The operator of Russia’s Leningrad nuclear power station has strengthened operational safety, but more time is required to demonstrate the improvements are “fully effective and sustained”, the International Atomic Energy Agency said.
Bron: NucNet | 30 mei 2019
Action needed for expansion of nuclear energy, says Rising
Steps must be taken to increase nuclear's share of the energy mix, said Agneta Rising, director general of World Nuclear Association. Speaking at the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial in Vancouver, Canada, yesterday, she said more nuclear energy is needed to meet environmental, economic and sustainable
Bron: World Nuclear News | 29 mei 2019
Repackaging nuclear science for policy makers: scientists and communicators team up
Policymakers may not have the time to sift through scientific papers or 30 000 data samples on the ocean’s health. That’s why marine scientists using nuclear-derived techniques and communication experts from Latin America and the Caribbean teamed up earlier this month to repackage scientific finding
Bron: IAEA | 29 mei 2019
House votes on Ohio clean air legislation
UPDATED: Draft legislation that would recognise the clean air attributes of Ohio's nuclear power plants has been passed by the state's House and will now go to forward to the Senate.
Bron: World Nuclear News | 29 mei 2019
Ocean studies test waste management materials
A partnership between Canada's Nuclear Waste Management Organisation and Ocean Networks Canada has carried out its first six-month underwater experiment to better understand the behaviour of elements of the engineered-barrier system it plans to use in a deep geological repository. Ocean Networks Can
Bron: World Nuclear News | 28 mei 2019