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Russia's VVER-TOI reactor certified by European utilities

14 juni 2019

The Russian-designed VVER-TOI nuclear power reactor design - developed from the VVER-1200 - has been formally certified as compliant by the European Utility Requirements organisation.

Bron: World Nuclear News
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IAEA experts collect seawater, marine sediment and fish samples near Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts today began a mission to collect samples of seawater, marine sediment and fishery products from coastal waters in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.
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Lightbridge fuel development gains DOE funding
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Ocean studies test waste management materials
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IAEA wraps up international symposium on isotope hydrology
Lasers, atom traps, krypton. These exciting, isotope hydrology techniques were discussed, together with the importance of big data, during the IAEA’s International Symposium on Isotope Hydrology that took place in Vienna this week.
Bron: IAEA | 24 mei 2019
Tiris project produces first yellowcake
The first samples of uranium oxide product have been produced from ore from Aura Energy's Tiris mine in Mauritania, West Africa. The yellowcake samples were produced during test work at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation's laboratories.
Bron: World Nuclear News | 24 mei 2019
Further DOE funds for advanced nuclear technology projects
The US Department of Energy has selected three projects in three states in its latest quarterly application review to receive funding for cost-shared research and development for advanced nuclear technologies. The three projects will receive a total of almost USD10.6 million.
Bron: World Nuclear News | 24 mei 2019
IAEA Launches Project to Help Countries Fight Food Fraud
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GEH Begins Vendor Design Review Of Small Modular Reactor In Canada
22 May (NucNet): US-based GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy has initiated a vendor design review of its BWRX-300 small modular reactor with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.
Bron: NucNet | 22 mei 2019
Used fuel transfers to resume at San Onofre
Fuel transfer operations at the shut down San Onofre nuclear power plant in California can resume following approval by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Such operations were suspended following an incident last August during the lowering of a used fuel canister into a storage vault.
Bron: World Nuclear News | 22 mei 2019
Canada: Province eyes potential nuclear options for coal power replacement in southeast Sask.
On the last day of spring session Thursday, the province said it’s considering two modular nuclear power plants to replace two of the province’s coal-fired power stations.
Bron: https://regina.ctvnews.ca/province-eyes-potential-nuclear-options-for-coal-power-replacement-in-southeast-sask-1.4426858?fbclid=IwAR0KEvr2z6YmqAQU4Ay97tQ3M_evE6K2W7P3LXqnPeWsK3405VL6_hxpsiM | 22 mei 2019
Kakrapar unit restarts after modernisation
Unit 1 at Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd's Kakrapar plant has restarted after the completion of work to replace all of the pressurised heavy water reactor's coolant channel and feeder tubes.
Bron: World Nuclear News | 21 mei 2019
Using Nuclear Science to Better Understand Drought
In 2018, Cape Town was close to becoming the first major city in the world to run out of water. South African experts are using isotopic techniques to understand water resources and try to avoid another drought.
Bron: IAEA | 21 mei 2019
Fuel for unit 2 of Belarus plant clears inspection
The batch of fuel assemblies made by Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant for the initial fuel loading of unit 2 of the nuclear power plant under construction in Belarus has passed its final inspection. NCCP is a subsidiary of Russian fuel manufacturer TVEL.
Bron: World Nuclear News | 21 mei 2019
Hybrid Nuclear-Renewables Systems Could Significantly Reduce Emissions, IAEA Meeting Hears
20 May (NucNet): A hybrid energy system combining both nuclear and renewables can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional fossil fuels, participants at an IAEA meeting heard.
Bron: NucNet | 20 mei 2019
NuScale inks MOU with Enfission
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Speech: Nuclear needed to decarbonise economies
The International Energy Agency’s recent workshop Nuclear Power in a Clean Energy System was "extremely timely and important" because "time is of the essence if we are to successfully decarbonise our economies", Jean-Bernard Lévy, CEO of EDF, said in a special address to participants in the meeting.
Bron: World Nuclear News | 20 mei 2019