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Nuclear Research Reactors
Bron: IAEA | 15 januari 2019
Nuclear research reactors generate neutrons used to produce radioactive substances for medical and scientific uses and to check the composition of materials.
Researchers in the Philippines have found that an extract of seaweed, when processed with radiation, can make plants more resistant to typhoons and boost rice production by 20–30%.
21 Dec (NucNet): The UK government has begun a new search to find a site to host a multi-billion-pound deep geological repository for higher-level radioactive waste, which is currently stored at various sites across the country.
Eerste patiënt behandeld met protonen in Delft
Bron: stichting Kernvisie | 21 december 2018
In delft is onlangs de eerste patiënt van HollandPTC succesvol bestraald met protonen. Het is na groningen de tweede kliniek in Nederland die met protonen patiënten behandelt. Inmiddels hebben al meer patiënten de weg naar HollandptC gevonden voor een behandeling. Na een intensieve voorbereidingsper
Nuclear security experts from more than 100 countries are in Vienna participating in the IAEA Conference on the Security of Radioactive Material: The Way Forward for Prevention and Detection.
Nuclear security in big cities
Bron: IAEA | 4 december 2018
Large, bustling cities are home to billions around world. In them, people often congregate in dense crowds, for example during rush hour.

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