Alles over nucleaire technologie
Innovatief en alledaags
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A first-of-its-kind biological dosimetry service in Costa Rica — and the only one of its kind in Central America — is now ready to assess people who may have been unexpectedly exposed to radiation. Biological dosimetry is the science of measuring and verifying the exact dose of radiation exposure to

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An increased share of low-carbon sources, including #nuclearenergy, will need to work together in harmony to secure……
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“This cannot be possible” is what physicist Francis Perrin thought to himself when he first encountered Oklo, the E……
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Kids, onze collega Bjorn Baselet kijkt ernaar uit jullie te ontmoeten! Hij komt jullie alles vertellen over reizen……
The Harmony goal #harmony2050 calls for #nuclearenergy to provide 25% of electricity before 2050 as part of a clean……
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#Nuclear science can help:
🎨 conserve art
🥗 preserve food
⚕ kill bacteria on medical tools
✈ make planes & buildin……
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Play the 'Build a Nuclear Power Plant' game created by
and learn about the different parts of a N……
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Do you want to know more about uranium distribution and deposits around the 🌍? This interactive map that gives you……
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Nuclear fusion: this metal could bring to Earth the energy that lights the sun and the stars.
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The IAEA and Safety: Radiation Protection in Medicine
A Nuclear Technique Helps Prevent Insects Harming Your Coffee Beans
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