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Aan het hof van de middeleeuwse koning was de hofnar de enige die ongestraft onaangename waarheden mocht uitspreken. Tegenwoordig hebben we daar Arjen Lubach voor. Hij noemde kernenergie „een goed idee”. Had hij gelijk?
Hungary and Russia have reportedly agreed to change the loan agreement for the expansion of Hungary's sole nuclear power plant Paks. According to bne Intellinews, Hungary will start repaying the loan once the two new units at Paks are connected to the grid and begin operations.
In 2018, Cape Town was close to becoming the first major city in the world to run out of water. South African experts are using isotopic techniques to understand water resources and try to avoid another drought.
IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano met with Dr Alfredo Gonzalez Lorenzo, Deputy Minister of Health of Cuba, during his official visit to Havana, Cuba, 17 May 2019 - (foto: ©Edgard Perez Alvan / IAEA)

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