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Finding a site for a nuclear or waste management facility and hosting it in a spirit of understanding and partnership are of fundamental importance in the nuclear industry.
Investigations in the three potential siting regions of Jura Ost, Nördlich Lägern and Zürich Nordost will continue in the third and final stage of Switzerland's search for sites to host two geological repositories, the Federal Council has decided.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and an association of leading national waste management organizations have pledged to strengthen cooperation and coordination on the development of safe, effective and secure solutions for the disposal of high level radioactive waste (HLW) and spent nucl
Opruimactie historisch radioactief afval Petten in volle gang
Bron: Noord Hollands Dagblad | 3 oktober 2018
NRG verwacht eind dit jaar de eerste 250 vaten met historisch radioactief afval vanuit Petten naar Covra in Zeeland te hebben afgevoerd. Als alles volgens plan verloopt kunnen alle 1647 vaten in 2026 zijn afgevoerd.
Germany's federal radioactive waste company, BGE, has signed an agreement with the country's geoscientific authority, BGR, to cooperate on site selection investigations for a high-level waste repository, as well as on the management of existing waste repositories.
Finnish utility Fortum and consulting engineering company AINS Group have signed a memorandum of understanding to provide radioactive waste management services to China's rapidly expanding nuclear industry.

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