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Innovatief en alledaags
The US Department of Energy has published a new interpretation of high-level radioactive waste in which reprocessing waste streams are defined by their radiological characteristics rather than solely on how they were made.
A partnership between Canada's Nuclear Waste Management Organisation and Ocean Networks Canada has carried out its first six-month underwater experiment to better understand the behaviour of elements of the engineered-barrier system it plans to use in a deep geological repository. Ocean Networks Can
The full-scale in situ system test at the Onkalo underground characterisation facility near Olkiluoto has proceeded to the concreting phase in the construction of the end plug for the deposition tunnel, Finnish waste management company Posiva has announced.
Voor eens en voor altijd opgeruimd, niemand ooit nog tot last. Zo denken de Finnen over het hoogradioactieve kernafval dat hun land vanaf 2025 diep onder de grond permanent gaat opbergen en opsluiten. De dumpplek zal toekomstige oorlogen en natuurrampen moeten overleven, want het afval blijft nog du
8 May (NucNet): Final system-wide trials have begun at an interim spent nuclear fuel processing and storage facility at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in Ukraine, project developer Holtec International said.
De IFS2 faciliteit bij Tsjernobyl (Image: ChNPP)

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