Alles over nucleaire technologie
Innovatief en alledaags
The responsibility for nuclear security within a State rests entirely with that State. The importance of making nuclear security regimes sustainable for the long-term protection of people, property and the environment was the focus of a panel discussion today, held on the sidelines of the IAEA’s 62n
De plaatsvervangend bestuursvoorzitter van de ANVS Marco Brugmans en de plaatsvervangend algemeen directeur van the Australian Radiation Protection And Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) Gillian Hirth, ondertekenden op woensdag 19 september 2018 tijdens de IAEA General Conference in Wenen een samenwerk
On the margins of the IAEA General Conference today, representatives from over 25 countries discussed innovative ideas on how the field of robotics can contribute to nuclear safeguards and verification.
Every year, 13 million people die from infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS around the world.
In low- and middle-income countries, cancers in women are frequently discovered too late, due to limited access to diagnostic and treatment technologies and relevant expertise.
A framework cooperation agreement has been signed between Norway's Institute for Energy Technology and Belgium's Nuclear Research Centre, through which the two organisations will extend their collaboration on nuclear research and decommissioning.

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